First draft of script

This is my first terrible script, and because of my misunderstanding(I can not clip any scene from an existing video game) I have to completely change this story. So, just have a quick look.

Background:A young man lost his mother because of his born. And when the young man received his uni admission notification,his father was also dead because of overworking.

Big city,sunny day…

A ragged young man squatted down in a shadow.

He is too hungry to do anything even stand up.

A car stopped in front of him.

An old man which dressed rich got out of the car.

The old man moves down his glasses and look at the young man with a kind smile.


12 months later

Same city,sunny day…

A perky young man stands in the roof of a high building.

A panoramic view of the city in his eyes.

His eyes were moist with tears.

(close-up shot) 

It 's my day!

He was the young man in rags. Such a big change! What happened to him? 


Time goes back more than one years ago…

A young man walks down the street.

He studied in a pretty good university.

One day, he made some bad friends, and had some bad habits.

Even narcotic drugs.

When he ran out of all his father's savings, all his ‘friends’ left him.

Because of my misunderstanding, I need more time to completely change this scripts.


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