Audio finding

This week, I have found some suitable soundtrack for my project. These music are all came from the YouTube Audio Library. Hope I could use them well.

A Quiet Thought-Wayne Jones

At Rest Romance-Kevin MacLeod

Casual Desire-Ugonna Onyekwe

First Love-Wayne Jones

Gaia in Fog-Dan Bodan

Touching Moment-Wayne Jones


Research – Dream Big. Set Goals. Take Action.



  • What type of digital story is it?

Inspirational short video.


  • Who do you think the story is aimed at? Who is the audience for this piece?

               Those who are lost on the road of their life.


  • What is the message / are the messages of the story/scene?

               Have a vision for your life.

               ‘You can do it!’

               ‘Nothing can be hard work.’

               Dream Big. Set Goals. Take Action.


  • How would you describe the genre of this piece? 

           Personal story: spoken word

  • What media and techniques do the artists used to convey their message? Do they use interviews, text, still images, video, performance, music, voice over, dialogue?

Interviews and voice over.

  • How do the audio and visuals contribute to the message and the story?

As the movie draws to the end, music becomes more and more intense and exciting.

Reaearch – The girl on the train

1. Point of view:

Although this video above is just a movie clips trailer, but I like this quick view version, it can make the audience interested in the story before they enjoying the whole movie.

“What you can see hurt you.”

Throughout this story of the three women, the entire movie actually explores three important issues in women’s lives: women as mothers, women’s relationships with men, women’s relationship with themselives.

2. Dramatic Question:

The pressure of life is suffocating, how to decide our own future?

“Why are you here?”


3. Emotional Content:

This ‘train’ is heading to the heart of married women, which can make you gradually feel the passive, submerged, desire for freedom and independence.


4. Voice (voiceover not dialogue):

Not so much.


5. Soundtrack:

As the story progresses, along with the mysteries that emerge one by one, the soundtrack becomes more and more weird and belts along at a cracking pace.


6. Pacing:

Follow the eye sight of Rachel, we can see many pieces of other people’s life. When different people’s story overlaps, the only constant is her sight.


7. Imagery (economy):

The commuter train which Rachel watch other women’s life penetrate the whole film.


Reaearch – short film porject about study’s aim

1. Point of view:

If you have an aim, you can move a mountain.

2. Dramatic Question:

Why I have to do this?

3. Emotional Content:

Study is never easy,  no pain, no gain.

4. Voice (voiceover not dialogue):


5. Soundtrack:

With the advance of the story, the rhythm of music becomes faster.

6. Pacing:

Using the contrast between the two boys, the study hard boy got successful , and the other has expelled.

7. Imagery (economy):

Different phones, dressed and study attitude made them be a different person.

The rich student did not take his chance. Even though he had a superior family environment, he was still lost to the poor student who study hard.