Research – Dream Big. Set Goals. Take Action.



  • What type of digital story is it?

Inspirational short video.


  • Who do you think the story is aimed at? Who is the audience for this piece?

               Those who are lost on the road of their life.


  • What is the message / are the messages of the story/scene?

               Have a vision for your life.

               ‘You can do it!’

               ‘Nothing can be hard work.’

               Dream Big. Set Goals. Take Action.


  • How would you describe the genre of this piece? 

           Personal story: spoken word

  • What media and techniques do the artists used to convey their message? Do they use interviews, text, still images, video, performance, music, voice over, dialogue?

Interviews and voice over.

  • How do the audio and visuals contribute to the message and the story?

As the movie draws to the end, music becomes more and more intense and exciting.

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