Reaearch – friendship and growing up


   What type of digital story is it?

        Comedy, Drama, Romance

   What happens in the story?

        Four young girls grow up during a summer in 1970.

   What changes in the story/scene?

        Girls began to understand the difference between the sexes.


    Who do you think the story is aimed at? Who is the audience for this piece?

        Family, young people

    How do you know? What in the piece tells you it was created for this audience?

        This film tells about growth and family.


   What is the message / are the messages of the story/scene?

        Childhood experience is invaluable and growing could transfor a person.


  • How would you describe the genre of this piece? 
    • Is it fiction or non- fiction?

It’s non- fiction.

    • Film genre? drama, horror, sci-fi, crime, teenage film, action?


  • What media and techniques do the artists used to convey their message? Do they use interviews, text, still images, video, performance, music, voice over, dialogue?

Voiceover and dialogue.

  • What is the quality of the audio and visuals? Are they clear? Is the sound at a good volume? Are there objects or sounds that are distracting? 

The performance was great.

  • How do the audio and visuals contribute to the message and the story?

Vigor, enthusiasm and optimism. The value of the most important stage of life was set off.

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