Filming equipments

Here are some equipments and materials I used in my filming. Let’s have a look!


1· Clap-stick:


I created a paper version Clap-stick, it helped me keep the times of shooting.




2· Shot lists:



Shot list helped me keep the shot in different places. No one will lose their mind if they created a clear shot list!





3· iPhone stabilizer:



It has 3 axis gimbal to ensure that my iPhone is always on the horizontal direction.






4· Cinema Mount:


It helped me place iPhone on any places and could saving energy when I was holding it.




5· Tape:


I used this tape to tie up Cinema Mount on any places(ground, railings and table)





6· Recorder:




This recorder belongs to NTIC, it gave me an oppotunity to recorded some high-quality sounds.





7· Wind muffler:




I used this wind muffler to prevent the wind which could effect the quality of the recordings.





8· AA rechargeable battery:



I prepared four AA rechargeable batteries to prevent the recorder’s battery run out of its electricity.





9· monitor headphones:



This monitor headphone helped me listen to the recording carefully which could prevent the murmurs.






10· SLR camera:



I used this SLR camera to recorded a lot of shooting processes and already put it in my pervious post.

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