Week 8 – filming preparing

In today’s lesson, we have learned something about filming preparing.

The filming’s order always followed by locations. For example, there is a mirror reflection in my film which is something happend in the same place at the beginning and the end. Of course, it seems like I should follow this rules in this part. However, I need different wearther to set off the protagonist’s different feeling. So, apparently, some shots I can not filming in the same day.

Therefore, it gets very important to set up a reasonable shot list first.

Shot list form

Use one form for each location.

 There are also lots of hirable film kits provide for us by Simon:



Smartphone holders:



And Simon also provides us an opportunity to shoot in front of the green screen:

unfortunately, I did not plan to set a fake scene, I felt very disappointed for that.

I’ll finished my filming this weekend, but the weather maybe terrible. Good luck to me!

Storyboard feed back

At this moment, I have received my storyboard’s feedback.

Like Simon said,  if I could show more detail about her before she meets her friend in the new city, it will make the story more understandable.

And about the reason for her depression.  If  I can set this shot at the end of my story, it will help to make the audience interested in why she is depressed.


to be continued….

Storyboard-first version

This is it. Terrrible storyboard isn’t it?

As you can see, I did not doing lots of research to finish this storyboard(audio and media list). Apparently, 29 shots is not enough to present my whole idea. I will do some reaserch as much as I could to figure out a best way to achieve my story purpose and the core message —- ‘Life maybe beat you, but as long as there is tomorrow, you should never give up. ’